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Sugar Free Shiso Syrup


Why Are We Making Sugar Free Shiso Syrup?

At Hudson Valley Shiso Farm, we are committed to making a healthy product that can be enjoyed by all ages. Although our regular red and green shiso syrup already possesses several health benefits, we decided to create another healthier sugar free version that can be enjoyed by those who may be monitoring their sugar intake. 

In order to make our sugar-free shiso syrup, we have continued to use our same shiso syrup recipe, however, we have replaced sugar with xylitol. Using xylitol ensures that we are able to provide a sugar-free alternative to our customers, without sacrificing the delicious taste and color of our original product. We hope you will enjoy both our green and red sugar-free shiso syrups.

What is XYLITOL? 

Xylitol (C5H12O5) is a naturally occurring sweetener extracted from most fruits and vegetables, such as corncob, as well as from woody materials. Xylitol also exists naturally in the human body.  Although Xylitol is fairly new to the U.S. market, it was originally discovered by French and German chemists in the late 19th century and became widely used throughout Europe after World War II.

Unlike many other sweeteners, Xylitol does not produce an unpleasant artificial chemical aftertaste. Xylitol has become a popular sugar alternative due to its similarity in flavor and appearance to real sugar. Although Xylitol may taste like sugar, is contains 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates than sugar. This means Xylitol will not raise your blood sugar the way regular sugar does.

Xylitol also has several health and dental benefits. According to six national dental organizations, Xylitol can be useful for dental care, as it can reduce plaque formation, whilst also reducing the rate of tooth decay. For this reason, many sugar-free gums use Xylitol to sweeten their product.

Xylitol has been shown to effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, therefore helping in the prevention of sinus infections in adults, ear infections in children, and upper respiratory infections. Studies also indicate that xylitol can potentially trigger the body's natural cleansing process and therefore is useful in minimizing asthma and allergy symptoms. 

Make Sure You Shake Well

When enjoying Hudson Valley Shiso Farm's Sugar-Free Shiso Syrup, please make sure you shake the bottle well, as some xylitol may be sitting at the bottom of the bottle.