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Getting Ready to Make Our 2017 Vintage of Shiso Syrup!

Shiso Syrup Blog

Getting Ready to Make Our 2017 Vintage of Shiso Syrup!

Aki Snyder

Hudson Valley Shiso Farm is very excited to announce that we are gearing up to begin production on our latest 2017 vintages of Hudson Valley Shiso Syrup! Starting this week, we will be working tirelessly to create our latest blend of red and green shiso juice designed to delight your palates.

In addition to our usual red and green shiso syrups, this year, we are experimenting a bit and developing an all-natural SUGAR FREE version of our red and green shiso syrups!

We hope you're as excited as we are for our new products! Please stay tuned as we will be updating the website and our various social media accounts, in the coming days, regarding the production status of our 2017 vintages of shiso syrup. We will also announce ASAP when the 2017 vintages will be available for purchase!

Thanks for your support!