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Shiso Syrup Blog

Red Shiso and Apple Ice Cream

Aki Snyder

I've always wanted to make my own ice cream and a few months back, I decided to play with my mom's ice cream maker. The question for me became: what kind of ice cream should I make? Chocolate? Vanilla? Strawberry? No! I wanted to make something more interesting.  

For this reason, I decided to use some apples my mom had poached with our 2015 Vintage of Shiso Syrup and create a totally original ice cream flavor. For the base of my ice cream, I used a standard recipe. Once the vanilla ice cream was made, I got creative, adding the poached apple. which I chopped up. To give a little extra shiso flavor, I also added some of our syrup straight to the mixture.

In the end, my ice cream adventure was pretty successful. It mainly tasted of vanilla, with chunks of apple, but it had a really lovely light pink hue. A nice and easy way to dress up vanilla ice cream.