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Select leaves are harvested by hand from our Shiso plants to begin the labor intensive process of hand crafting Hudson Valley Shiso Syrup™. The leaves are organically processed much like grapes to liberate their natural aromatic essence, the extract is then concentrated and sweetened to make our Shiso Syrup. We have found crafting our Shiso Syrup is similar to wine as the intensity and delicacy of the flavor of our Shiso plants is much determined upon each years growing conditions. Hence, we look upon each years Shiso Syrup as a vintage. 

Vintage 2014 was exceptional and completely sold in 3 months! Vintage 2015 was equally extraordinary, and a huge hit again! Vintage 2016 was harvested in late August 2016 and is now available for order, below!

We are very excited to announced that our 2017 vintage is now available for everyone to enjoy! Please try our new sugar free product as well! 

If you are a restaurant and would like to make an order greater than indicated, please contact us directly here.


We are delighted to announce that have just completed production on our 2017 vintage of Hudson Valley Shiso Juice.

We are also excited to introduce our newest products: all-natural sugar free versions of our red and green shiso syrups.

Please find purchase details for our 2018 shiso syrups below. 


Hudson Valley Shiso Farm Green Shiso Syrup, Vintage 2018

Our 2018 Vintage was harvested and produced at the end of summer 2018 and is made with cane sugar, green shiso leaves, our special shiso vinegar, and vitamin C. Our Green Shiso Syrup has a beautiful grapefruit color and exhibits a strong shiso flavor - more than our red syrup.

Hudson Valley Shiso Farm, Red Shiso Syrup 2018 Vintage

Our 2018 Vintage was harvested and produced at the end of summer 2018. It is made with cane sugar, red shiso leaves, our special shiso vinegar, and vitamin C. For this recipe, is similar is sweetness to our 2016 vintage, but has a darker red color.

Price Provided on Request

Price Provided on Request